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Video From California

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Here’s a video from a guy in California who saw this written on a street in his neighborhood. This isn’t photographic evidence… its video. You can’t say that it isn’t happening because it is! Its out there.


Video from Oklahoma

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

check it out! It’s a very serious and creepy LIVE example of whats going on out there. Either they sacrificed that bird for that drawing or something more sinister is in the works. I really don’t know what else to say to this. Its very shocking….


So a ranger sent me this photo from Lake Norman in North Carolina. He was pretty frustrated about finding that stuck to the sign when he opened up his office in the morning. He emailed me with this photo asking me if I had anything to do with it but I don’t! I don’t know whats driving these people to do this but it is what I’m trying to figure out! Its the entire reason my blog exists to find the truth. I am evoking my inner moulder, the truth is out there!

Note from Steve

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Hey guys, remember my blog with Steve from Ireland? Well he says he’s been looking around his town and has come to a startling epiphany. He says that there was American tourists going through his town the night he saw this photo. He confesses he doesn’t think any people that were actually in his town could have done this and is pointing towards the USA for answers. Of course I couldn’t tell him anything more than anything else I’ve learned. Ok guys I’m focusing through all my incoming emails for photos and information but this time… more on the USA.   Maybe there is more here than I know since I was thinking abroad… I am not set on changing my plans yet without proof. I still haven’t received anything back from anyone at the Pentagon or the White House but I’m convinced that it has more to do with the Post Office, I’m sure I will get some type of result soon.


Posted: March 31, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

I’ve been making calls for my travel plans, it looks like the person who sent me the picture in China is going to offer me a bed in the livingroom so I just need to compile enough yen to get around. I imagine my trip there will be mostly involving the Chinese superstitions. I have been studying the Chinese letters and it looks like the character for water and Japan are in the symbol sort of…. interesting.

I’m going to do it! I’m leaving as soon as I can get my stuff together, and finish a job I’m doing here.  I’m going to find jobs wherever I need to, but I want to have some jingle in my pocket when I leave.   I haven’t decided exactly what route I’m going to take yet, but I’m packing my bag and heading out to try to see these symbols for myself, and try to find out what this is.

What I know right now is that it’s been around for a hundred an twenty five years at least, and is now showing up more and more frequently around the country.  I know that when the thing appears, people disappear- or at least that’s what was reported a hundred years ago.  And, I know that the government (military, actually) is somehow involved.  That’s the most curious part of this- why would the military care about this stupid symbol??

Hoping to be out of here within a couple of weeks.  I’ll keep everyone posted, and hope to meet  a bunch of you along my way.  I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking I may write a book about this, specially if I find some piece of amazing information.  My dad says it’ll be like opening Al Capone’s vault- but if something great had been in it!  LOL!

Rabbit Hole

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

I sent out the letters this morning and several emails to those G-Men and I’m not sure if I’m gonna get any answers but I sure want to try. Even if it means bringing trouble to my door. Bring it on! I want to see how far this goes.