Note from Steve

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Hey guys, remember my blog with Steve from Ireland? Well he says he’s been looking around his town and has come to a startling epiphany. He says that there was American tourists going through his town the night he saw this photo. He confesses he doesn’t think any people that were actually in his town could have done this and is pointing towards the USA for answers. Of course I couldn’t tell him anything more than anything else I’ve learned. Ok guys I’m focusing through all my incoming emails for photos and information but this time… more on the USA.   Maybe there is more here than I know since I was thinking abroad… I am not set on changing my plans yet without proof. I still haven’t received anything back from anyone at the Pentagon or the White House but I’m convinced that it has more to do with the Post Office, I’m sure I will get some type of result soon.


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