Traveling Soon

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile…. I have been thinking. Thinking that instead of sitting in my home waiting to hear from people, I MUST go out into the world to where these people are seeing the symbol and start interviewing people and figuring out what this means in even more depth. I’ve saved up enough money doing odd jobs and I think that after a week or two I can get on the road. Before I do I have many different things I’m waiting to finish up and unfinished things. I’m scared but also excited. I wrote my will just in case finding out what it means means laying down my freedom or even my life. I’ve been exploring deep into three of the most important sectors of the world today, religion, our government, and even societies that claim to have the purest intentions. I’ve been trying to analyze parts of it to derive its meaning. Anarchy, peace, reverse-don’t enter signs, copyright symbols. None of these are the answer to the mystery behind the symbol, its not that easy. This symbol relates to the something that no one knows. It’s not a combination of any of these because this symbol is far older. Maybe it has everything to do with the core principles of the conspiracy behind it! Anarchy/order, freedom/restriction? Every part of each of these symbols may have been created by a person that may be passing down the symbol’s powerful legacy. If so this has many implications.


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