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Posted: March 31, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

I’ve been making calls for my travel plans, it looks like the person who sent me the picture in China is going to offer me a bed in the livingroom so I just need to compile enough yen to get around. I imagine my trip there will be mostly involving the Chinese superstitions. I have been studying the Chinese letters and it looks like the character for water and Japan are in the symbol sort of…. interesting.


I’m going to do it! I’m leaving as soon as I can get my stuff together, and finish a job I’m doing here.  I’m going to find jobs wherever I need to, but I want to have some jingle in my pocket when I leave.   I haven’t decided exactly what route I’m going to take yet, but I’m packing my bag and heading out to try to see these symbols for myself, and try to find out what this is.

What I know right now is that it’s been around for a hundred an twenty five years at least, and is now showing up more and more frequently around the country.  I know that when the thing appears, people disappear- or at least that’s what was reported a hundred years ago.  And, I know that the government (military, actually) is somehow involved.  That’s the most curious part of this- why would the military care about this stupid symbol??

Hoping to be out of here within a couple of weeks.  I’ll keep everyone posted, and hope to meet  a bunch of you along my way.  I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking I may write a book about this, specially if I find some piece of amazing information.  My dad says it’ll be like opening Al Capone’s vault- but if something great had been in it!  LOL!

Rabbit Hole

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

I sent out the letters this morning and several emails to those G-Men and I’m not sure if I’m gonna get any answers but I sure want to try. Even if it means bringing trouble to my door. Bring it on! I want to see how far this goes.


Posted: March 28, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

I got anonymous email the other day to contact a guy who works for a government agency that he wouldn’t disclose which one. He said he works in the mail room and was breaking a rule to tell me he saw the symbol stamped into certain envelopes going to different offices. He said a government aid picked them up and took them out instead of going in one of the delivery mail trolleys. The are going to somewhere with special clearance which makes me wonder… how far this rabbit hole goes….

I plan on writing to the all the key government places in Washington D.C. to try to speak to people about this symbol and maybe try to get a meeting in with someone when I go on my journey and visit there. I wrote a few letters tonight and I’m going to put them in the mail tomorrow.


Traveling Soon

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile…. I have been thinking. Thinking that instead of sitting in my home waiting to hear from people, I MUST go out into the world to where these people are seeing the symbol and start interviewing people and figuring out what this means in even more depth. I’ve saved up enough money doing odd jobs and I think that after a week or two I can get on the road. Before I do I have many different things I’m waiting to finish up and unfinished things. I’m scared but also excited. I wrote my will just in case finding out what it means means laying down my freedom or even my life. I’ve been exploring deep into three of the most important sectors of the world today, religion, our government, and even societies that claim to have the purest intentions. I’ve been trying to analyze parts of it to derive its meaning. Anarchy, peace, reverse-don’t enter signs, copyright symbols. None of these are the answer to the mystery behind the symbol, its not that easy. This symbol relates to the something that no one knows. It’s not a combination of any of these because this symbol is far older. Maybe it has everything to do with the core principles of the conspiracy behind it! Anarchy/order, freedom/restriction? Every part of each of these symbols may have been created by a person that may be passing down the symbol’s powerful legacy. If so this has many implications.


Posted: March 17, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

I spent this evening thinking about the different parts of the symbol. Do the lines and the curves relate to a specific symbol like a stamp or a seal for a specific corporation or secret government sanctioned project. Is it a cult symbol to designate a specific ritual? What do the lines suggest? Bars? Ladder? Demonic symbolism? What does the circle mean? Something pagan such as resembling the moon or the sun or a star? Does the inside circle resemble a half moon? Maybe something to do with the lunar cults? These are just some thoughts to stir the pot that I was thinking about today.


Posted: March 16, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Hi Guys, 

I haven’t posted in a few days because I’ve been swept up with my own imagination. All these photos and all these different types of people that have interacted with the symbol gave me means to pause and think about what this all means. What the origin of this specific set of lines? Does it mean something to do with the government or is it supernatural in nature? HOW are children seeing it and what make it so global that people are seeing it places such as China and Canada? My faithful followers have tried asking the question “What is this symbol” and I’m glad. We are getting this message out there and trying to help find out what this might mean. The more I ask questions the more perplexing this whole conspiracy is becoming. I am sometimes so wrapped up in this question it makes me feel like I’m outside my own body staring down at all the people walking around me. I wonder if they understand the importance of this symbol and how it may effect things. Then I think, it may or may not effect things if I could just figure out what the symbol pertains to. I am determined to find out what it all means and I want you guys to keep sending me anything you have, more seriously now. I want to get as much out there on this blog as I can, let people see whats going on and tell me whats going on.