It’s old!

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Here’s some new information about this symbol.  I’ve now heard from three people whose grandparents saw this same symbol when they were kids.  Here’s one of the notes I got:

Jim Monroe, from Oklahoma City, OK:
My grandfather saw your blog open on my computer and asked me what it was about.  I showed him, and he told me that there was a big ‘hub bub’ in Oklahoma when he was a little boy because that exact same symbol started showing up around in strange places, and in that day when everyone was very religious, everyone assumed it was something evil.  It was painted on the side of a cow in a pasture one time, and there was a picture of that in the paper.  (He thinks it was Enid, OK.)  Another one was made out of barbed wire and hung on the cemetary gate in a country cemetary.  He said he had to walk by it on the way home from school every day, and it gave him the shivvers.  The preacher took it down and buried it.

I’m going to watch your blog, so if you figure out what it is, I can tell him.  He’s 90 now, and has been wondering all these years.

  1. Jerry says:

    Wow! Did the grandpa have any pictures or maybe a clipping from the newspaper? That might give us more insight on what or where the symbol came from.

    • Maxx says:

      I’m hoping that this leads to finding some old articles or pics or something. At the moment, the guy is trying to find out what town his grandfather was in when this was going on. He wrote me that he thought the could find out from an aunt where they’d lived back then. His grandfather’s father was a farm worker, and they moved around a lot.

  2. Lindsay frazzini says:

    that’s too bad there aren’t pictures. That would be siiiiick!

  3. leland says:

    wow, it must have really effected him if he’s remember it for this long

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