Here is one from Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Here is one from Cincinnati, Ohio

This one is from Sarah Teebran in Ohio. I think someone wrote it on the balloon but Sarah tells me she didn’t write it on there.

“Hey, I saw this balloon tied up on a clothesline near Fairview Park! Someone celebrating some cult or something??”


  1. Kathy Higgins-Lawrence says:

    See, since this is on a balloon, we can assume that a child drew it. And since I already concluded that the rock symbol was made by a child, this would all come together perfectly, now wouldn’t it.

    • Mark Powers says:

      I suppose…

      The problem with that hypothesis is that we don’t know if the balloon and the stones were in the same place. If they were both the same group of children, I would imagine they would be in the same area.

      In addition, it doesn’t answer the question about all of the other symbols.

  2. nowayjose says:

    aww some poor child lost their balloon 😦 this blog transformed from curious to sad!

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