Gross! What is this even made of?

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Gross! What is this even made of?

This one is from Natasha Franklin in Rainsville, Alabama.

“I saw it while I was walking around a dilapidated home I am renavating. Must be some gross decomposed slime on the wood but its weird that its in this shape. I saw your blog and what other people have posted today. Maybe this might help somehow? The previous renters didn’t have any of this slimy stuff anywhere else.”

Well it kind of looks like….a trail of slime or goo or maybe something …. but its definitely organized grossness. Thanks Natasha I’m sure one of my viewers might have an idea.

Keep it up guys!

  1. leland says:

    \EW that looks like bird crap. now we know this is serious business LOL

  2. Jerry says:

    Looks pretty strange to me!!

  3. Lindsay frazzini says:

    lol “organized grossness” XD that made my day.

    *ahem* night

  4. Ken says:

    It looks like somebody used this piece of panelling for a table top and set a drinking glass down on some birdshit!

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