Creepy Stuff Abroad

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Creepy Stuff Abroad

So this one comes from Ireland from an old man named Steve. Yes all the way over in the UK in Cork, Ireland. Is this global? Is this a cult thing?

“I am a bachelor who likes drinking at the local bars in town and on my way home I saw some youngsters on a hill lighting up some candles. I thought I would take a picture of the hoodlums with my phone so I could report it to the police. I am against dumb kids creating fires in town and causing trouble and they were wearing robes. I saw your blog and want to let you know to let whomever is doing this to knock it off. It’s absurd!”

To Steve, Sorry I have no idea whats going on and this blog is my search to find out! If you find any other photos of this event please post it here. Maybe someone can find the answer!

  1. Mark Powers says:

    This DEFINITELY looks like some kind of ritual. I’ve seen things like this before. I wish I could have been there to witness this…it would have answered a lot of questions.

  2. Jerry says:

    What the….! Looks like some sort of witch craft practice! Wish I was there to witness!!

  3. Lindsay frazzini says:

    my friends and I have totally done this before lol. looks like they poured lighter fluid over the candles. they really could have started quite a fire haha

  4. I haven’t been able to get back in touch with Steve. Does anyone know if there a lot of cult activity and witchcraft in Ireland?

    • Mark Powers says:

      I know that a lot of people practice Scientology in Ireland, but other than that I can’t think of any. That’s never really been a place I’ve focused on in my studies.

      • L. Hughes says:

        I’m from Ireland, and I can tell you right now that cults are not a big thing around here. Mark is right, though. Scientology is pops up a lot.

  5. leland says:

    i guess it goes against my awesome china idea if this is in ireland 😦

  6. robert says:

    Ireland is not part of the UK, Sorry!

    • Of all the pics of this symbol that I’ve seen, this one really bothers me the most! This thing is big! This really cannot be just one person in Ireland creating the symbol with candles so he or she can just stand there and look at it. This has to be set up for some kind of ceremony or dance, or event of some kind!

      I found this about the town that’s near where Steven says he lives:

      “The history of Tuam as a settlement dates from the early 6th century. Legend states that a monk called Jarlath, or Iarlaith, who was a member of a religious community at Cloonfush some four miles west of Tuam and adjacent to the religious settlement at Kilbennon. Jarlath’s life became uncertain as he wished to travel. Eventually, Jarlath’s abbot, Saint Benan told him to “Go, and where ever your chariot wheel breaks, there shall be the site of your new monastery and the place of your resurrection”. Jarlath’s wheel broke at Tuam and he established a monastery there, known as the School of Tuam. As was typical with early settlements in Ireland, religious sites became established first and towns grew around them. Likewise, Tuam grew up around the monastery and has kept the broken chariot wheel as its heraldic symbol.”

      I’m wondering if there’s any way the symbol I’m trying to learn about is in any way connected to the broken chariot wheel symbol that’s mentioned here.

      The quest continues. Sounds like a line out of a video game, but that’s really what this has become.

    • I’m sorry you’re right. Cork, Ireland is in the Republic of Ireland next to the UK, but part of Ireland is actually considered UK. I had to double-check with Steve just to make sure. Also, I forgot to mention that Steve is originally from America. I asked him about some of the words he used because I noticed they weren’t the usual words for someone who’s Irish. He said he grew up in Virginia, but he moved out to Ireland after he graduated to study abroad. I guess he’s been there ever since. It’s pretty amazing for him to have seen this so far away! He really showed that this thing is popping up everywhere!

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