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It’s old!

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Here’s some new information about this symbol.  I’ve now heard from three people whose grandparents saw this same symbol when they were kids.  Here’s one of the notes I got:

Jim Monroe, from Oklahoma City, OK:
My grandfather saw your blog open on my computer and asked me what it was about.  I showed him, and he told me that there was a big ‘hub bub’ in Oklahoma when he was a little boy because that exact same symbol started showing up around in strange places, and in that day when everyone was very religious, everyone assumed it was something evil.  It was painted on the side of a cow in a pasture one time, and there was a picture of that in the paper.  (He thinks it was Enid, OK.)  Another one was made out of barbed wire and hung on the cemetary gate in a country cemetary.  He said he had to walk by it on the way home from school every day, and it gave him the shivvers.  The preacher took it down and buried it.

I’m going to watch your blog, so if you figure out what it is, I can tell him.  He’s 90 now, and has been wondering all these years.


Gross! What is this even made of?

This one is from Natasha Franklin in Rainsville, Alabama.

“I saw it while I was walking around a dilapidated home I am renavating. Must be some gross decomposed slime on the wood but its weird that its in this shape. I saw your blog and what other people have posted today. Maybe this might help somehow? The previous renters didn’t have any of this slimy stuff anywhere else.”

Well it kind of looks like….a trail of slime or goo or maybe something …. but its definitely organized grossness. Thanks Natasha I’m sure one of my viewers might have an idea.

Keep it up guys!

So many photos in one day! Dallas, Texas!

This is really amazing. From my first photo today I have added so many more! People are really responding about this symbol. Keep it up people! Send a photo in of the symbol if you see it. I am receiving messages left and right about their ideas and I am definitely interested in what you have to say!

This photo is from Abel Sanchez,

“I saw this in a Trailer Park while I was having a beer with my buddies. Thought you would appreciate the photo since you are been at this. Best of luck, Abel.”

Thanks Abel! Keep it up!

China is coming into this now!

Here is a post from Sheling Nguyen in Yunnan, China. I have never been here but he saw our page and sent me this!

“I love tea and also like reading tea leaves. I thought it was cool my tea leaves looked like the symbol. Freaked me out! Is this supernatural Max?”

Hey Sheling! I don’t know but that’s a really weird deal! Maybe this goes deeper than we know?

Creepy Stuff Abroad

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Seeking the Symbol

Creepy Stuff Abroad

So this one comes from Ireland from an old man named Steve. Yes all the way over in the UK in Cork, Ireland. Is this global? Is this a cult thing?

“I am a bachelor who likes drinking at the local bars in town and on my way home I saw some youngsters on a hill lighting up some candles. I thought I would take a picture of the hoodlums with my phone so I could report it to the police. I am against dumb kids creating fires in town and causing trouble and they were wearing robes. I saw your blog and want to let you know to let whomever is doing this to knock it off. It’s absurd!”

To Steve, Sorry I have no idea whats going on and this blog is my search to find out! If you find any other photos of this event please post it here. Maybe someone can find the answer!

LaDawn sent me this one from Michigan.

“Sup, I’m a college student at Wayne County Community College with the Major of Communications. I am curious that I saw this chair in my neighborhood while I was walking home from a class near a ghetto looking motel on my way home from my college class. Here… show it to people Max”

So here it is people, it seems like its being passed around on all kinds of things.

Here is one from Cincinnati, Ohio

This one is from Sarah Teebran in Ohio. I think someone wrote it on the balloon but Sarah tells me she didn’t write it on there.

“Hey, I saw this balloon tied up on a clothesline near Fairview Park! Someone celebrating some cult or something??”