Posted: May 14, 2011 in Seeking the Symbol

A guy sent me this pic a few weeks ago after seeing my blog.  I think he saw the post on the east coast somewhere.  I lost the card when we moved, but I’ll find it, and when I do, I’ll post more details.

  1. Mark Powers says:

    Did you ever figure out where this was taken? I am wondering if there was any type of candle wax nearby, or some kind of markings on the ground. It would be telltale signs of some kind of attempted ritual.

  2. Cynthia K. says:

    You didnt post where this was found, but I was thinking that it looks like it’s on a hiking trail. If so, maybe it’s a marking of someones initials. Like when a person carves their initials in a tree, for example

  3. leland says:

    again i still think this looks like it says “CHINA” :p i KNEW they were gonna take over the world hahahahahaa

  4. Ivan says:

    That’s stupid, man. It’s pr’ably just some type of new religion symbol. Like that damn Jedi “religion.” This is pr’ably the one for scientology.

  5. kircher says:

    That looks like a post. With a drawing on it. In magic marker. Lol. Magical.

  6. I’m still trying to find the details I received with this picture.
    @Mark Powers, I don’t remember the guy saying anything about candle wax near by the post but I could be wrong.
    @Cynthia, very interesting point. With all the new pictures I’ve received I don’t think it would be somebodies initials.
    @Leland, haha
    @Ivan, Some other viewers have told me that as well but I’m still tossing up every idea. There has to be some kind of explanation on what this is and why its showing up all over the place.
    @kircher, lol

  7. Lindsay frazzini says:

    that actually would be really creepy if you think about it. imagine, totally empty woods, and you come across this post with this symbol at the top. woaaahhh

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