Posted: April 7, 2010 in Seeking the Symbol

04-07-2010:  OK.  We went to see this stone, and also the place where the jogger found it. I don’t have time right now, but I’ll write more later about what we found when we went to see where it was. This is creeping me out.  I really want to know what this is, because it’s bugging me. Hey- if it’s not something crazy, I may get it tattooed on my back.  Just for kicks.

  1. Lisa says:

    meh, this just looks like vandalism to me.

  2. Lisa says:

    meh. this just looks like vandalism to me. Maybe a gang symbol or something?

  3. leland says:

    lol obviousy youve never seen real vandalism before. ive never seen a gang tag on a rock or anything like this

  4. Lisa says:

    you don’t have to be rude about it. I was just sharing my opinion. why would it be spray painted if it were anything but vandalism?

  5. leland says:

    I wasnt being rude. i was sharing my opinion too. and i agree that its vandalism, just not that its anything gang related.

  6. Mark Powers says:

    This looks like a sigil. Sigils are used in spellcraft as a means of condensing and storing magical intent. It’s becoming more and more fashionable these days to make your own. Perhaps someone is trying out spellcraft, or perhaps since it’s been spotted in various locations, it is the emblem for some underground organization that we don’t know about yet.

  7. Mark Powers says:

    Oh and by the way, sigils usually spell out a word, which this looks like it does.

  8. Lisa says:

    I didn’t know that. that would make more sense. I see C, T, N, H, A. Chant? That goes a long with what you said, mark.

  9. leland says:

    lol possibly an amateur cult member or something. haha. maybe its an I. CHINA! lol it’s probably some crazy asian gang! xD

  10. Steve says:

    Have you thought about contacting local paranormal people in your town? Sounds like something strange is happening.

  11. Cristina says:

    Hey! This is the symbol someone emailed to us! 😀 We also are trying to find out what it is on our blog

    We left the details out that he was jogging and found this, but we included that he found it in Florida!

  12. Cristina says:

    I we’re trying to find out what it is too? :O It’s amazing we came across your blog! 😀 I’m so excited!! I feel like we’re one step closer with this. 🙂

  13. kircher says:

    And THIS looks like a rock. With spray paint on it. LOL.

  14. Alice Yee says:

    I saw this symbol chalked on my college campus today. It’s funny, because the first thing I thought when I saw it is “Wow, that’s sick. that would be an awesome tattoo.” haha!!

  15. Wait! You saw the symbol on your campus?! Did you by any chance snap a picture? If you did can you send it to There are so many questions going through my head right now. Send me the picture and everything you know about why and how the symbol got on your campus!

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