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3/22/10. Well, I’m back. I started this blog to use for keeping tack of some notes I’m keeping about this thing I found, and to see if anybody ever sees this shape and maybe knows what it is.  We sort of forgot about it around here for a while, but now another one has appeared over by the state park.  A jogger guy found it, painted on a piece of rock.  He took it to a bar one night to see if anybody knew what it meant, and a friend of mine was there and recognized it as being pretty much the same as the one I saw down in the woods.  The jogger too it home with him, but he’s going to show it to me when I go over there, and then we’re going to go look around here he found it.  I’m taking my camera- and gun!  I’ll take some pictures and post anything good here.

Oh- I forgot to say that my friend who saw the painted rock in the bar said that the rock isn’t any kind of rock from around here, and that it looks like one side was cut because it’s really straight.