Posted: September 14, 2009 in Seeking the Symbol

OK.  Here goes.  I don’t know if this is a big deal or not, but I decided to start writing this stuff down and posting it online, so maybe somebody will see it and tell us what we found.

About three months ago, I found this strange shaped thing made out of rocks in the woods about a mile from our house, where I hunt for rabbits.  I didn’t think it was that big a deal, really, but just kind of weird. I took a picture of it, and showed my dad and a couple of friends, and then I pretty much forgot about it.  Well, then about two weeks ago I heard at work that another think was found that sounded like the same shape, and that made me start thinking about it again. When I had a chance, I went with the guy who found it to see the other one.  It was just the same shape as what I found.  It was hand painted/drawn on a post on one of the trails by the 4×4 road a little way up ‘the mountain’ as we call it (ha!) about 18 miles from the place where I found the one I saw.  Now I’m  thinking this is really weird.  I don’t live an area where cult stuff happens, as far as I know.  The closest thing we have to that here is the local school board.  haha

So, some of my friends and me have decided to play Sherlock Holmes, and see if we can find out what this thing is.  We have a bet going.  I say it’s a symbol of some kind that maybe was made by somebody from out of town, who is into that kind of stuff. One of my friends says it’s something to do with astrology or space stuff- like a sky map of some kind.  It seems obvious to me that it’s made up of letters.  Another guy here thinks that it has some thing to do with witchcraft.  There are a lot of weird stories around here about creepy stuff that’s happened in the past, but as far as I know witchcraft has never been one of them.  So, we’re going to try to figure out what this thing is.

Any ideas?

  1. Steve says:

    Pretty interesting! Never seen anything of this sort. If I was to take a guess I would say its maybe markings of a cult or some witch craft stuff. That’s just my guess, I could be totally wrong.

  2. sofie says:

    I don’t know what it could possibly be, I mean, it looks a bit strange. Not some kind of logo you’d be flaunting around on your clothing, I think. But that’s a personal opinion. Anyway, I think you should go for it and see what it is. 🙂

  3. kircher says:

    This looks like something a kid probably drew up. Nothing special.

  4. Cynthia K. says:

    Then why would it be repeating itself in other places? I think you may have missed the point of this whole blog.

  5. Alba says:

    if u turn it upside down it looks like ohvin kinda. i dont know why u would know that this is the top

  6. xXxKylExXx says:

    was it all secluded? or was it in a common area? i would only think its weird if it was off by itself if that makes sense

  7. Mark Powers says:

    It’s clearly stated in the blog post that this was found out where he hunts for rabbits; indicating that yes, it’s probably a secluded area. Why do you ask?

  8. xXxKylExXx says:

    i was just thinking that if its in a common area then some kid probably did it like that perso said, or somethin like that. but if its off on its own it may be witchraft or something like that. stuff like that wouldn’t just be in the middle of the street

  9. Alba says:

    ur not making any sense lol

  10. Alba says:


  11. Lindsay frazzini says:

    if I had seen this by itself I wouldnt have thought anything of it, but since theres a lot more spottings of it, it must be something. like a weird cult or religion or anti government symbol

  12. Kathy Higgins-Lawrence says:

    My boys used to make little “symbols” like this all the time in our yard. I cannot imagine it being anything other than that.

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